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Woodware Clear Magic -

The stamps are supplied on a carrier sheet, so after use they can be returned to it to avoid the loss of smaller stamps and makes storing your stamps easy. 

When stamping words/phrases etc from individual letters/words, you can easily place the separate components on the clear block to achieve the ideal look and spacing. Longer words can if required be curved slightly to create a different look, as can borders, frames etc.

Instructions for use

  1. Gently lift the image from its carrier, position the clear stamp on the acrylic block (remember to place letters backwards on the block, so that when you stamp them they will stamp correctly, you can easily check by looking through the block from the top down)

  2. Ink your stamp, you can use any ink, permanent inks may stain your stamps, but this will not affect their use for future projects. Look through the block to position the image and make your impression.

  3. Clean your stamps using a stamp cleaner, Wipes or mild soapy water.
    Dry off any excess liquid with a kitchen roll.

  4. Return your stamp to the carrier sheet.

NB If your stamp looses its ‘clingÂ’ restore it by washing in mild soapy water.

A few facts about ClearMagic Stamps.

The stamps are made from photopolymer; this reactant liquid compound is hardened into a stamp through exposure to UV light. The material continues to react to light even after the stamp has been hardened. Because of this, occasionally you may find your stamp has yellowed; this is a natural reaction and does not affect the quality of your stamp.

Clear stamps made of other material may be too sticky or too hard and unable to hold ink for a perfect image